Best options trading track record

For certain weeks there are no trades listed. That is because there were no Signals given by the System that week. Our returns are so high because weekly trades are risky. Any trader with common sense knows not to put all his eggs in one basket.

Had fewer trades than best options trading track record would like last year due to historically low volatility. When volatility is so low, option premiums are also low and so good trades are harder to find. So these are weeklies that expire on Wednesday instead of Friday.

We will be testing these with Bonus trades to see if they react the same way as the older weekly options. The FED is expected best options trading track record raise interest rates this year. This should result in increased volatility and many more trading opportunities so that we can pick and choose the best ones. All trades where we were stopped out best options trading track record have been total losses. Last year we focused on the SPX. For the most part the trades went well. There were a couple instances that we should have avoided, like the holiday weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Best options trading track record have concluded the tests on our new SPX trading System and starting in April, we made it part of our official trading plan. So now we have two systems. We should now have trades in both high volatility and low volatility markets. Because the market was in a strong uptrend, the volatility was taken out of the market. This lowered the prices of all options and so option sellers were not given enough credit for the risk they were taking.

This lead to the System keeping us out of the market most of best options trading track record year. And when signals were given, it was when some extraordinary event was taking place that was manipulating the markets like the turmoil in Washington. We did have several Bonus trades, which are not listed here, but the System trades did not do well. This lead us to do a lot of testing and analysis. We came to a few realizations. This will significantly trim any losses. We have also developed a separate System to trade the SPX.

This will allow for more potential trades. We expect volatility to return to the markets once the FED stops printing money with their Qualitative Easing program. This is expected to occur in the early part of This will allow the markets to return to normal trading and have the RUT System giving off more successful trading signals.

We had no losses for the whole of ! The following will be implemented in You may also want to review: Our Track Record Speaks for Itself. What Makes Us Different.

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