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Each performance and each translation, with all technological, linguistic, and human errors preserved, was recursively folded back on the last, the archive expanding to encompass all manner of glitch, from an actors stutter to statistical failure, and the series eventually culminating in what Huopaniemi here terms a spectacularly Babelian finale.

Here though it is technological systems that confound, both named (Google, Dragon) and unnamed (operating systems, projection software), along with social use, the ordinary expressive activities of human speakers. And to extend the allegory, Babelian confusion is not punishment for hubris, for a failure to recognize the natural hierarchical order of things, but rather a puncturing of the residual belief in linguistic commensurability and provenance, our implicit faith that what is heard and read has been generated by a human author, that the actors speak their minds and the words emanate from their being.

This then is love.