Just looking for proof of even one person making money from binary options

My point is this, not a single person makes money from trading, other than those selling derivative investments into further peoples trading just looking for proof of even one person making money from binary options or selling signal services etc And so that's why I'm hoping, on the off chance, just one person will tell me I'm wrong and show me I'm wrong. But I bet that won't happen.

Can you show me your long term successful trading account? I don't care if anyone has even been place 1 euro bets for a year I stand by that! In the basic, binary options trade is a betting, nothing else.

Same as you bet on horse race, but, unlike in horseracing, you don't have to guess which horse will come first, you have to guess which way your just looking for proof of even one person making money from binary options will be heading in specific period of time. Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: July in General.

Hi everyone, I am searching high and low but I cannot find a single person that can prove to me they make money from binary options Everyone says yeah I had a good week, or wow had an amazing day but when I ask to see their actual trade history, all of a sudden silence!

Can anyone prove conclusively that they make money from binary options. I'm not looking for people, I'm not even looking for 10 people I'm just looking for 1. To put that in context, I'm looking for proof that 1 person in the entire 7.

The only people I come across that make money from binary options are people selling their signals "for free" as long as you sign up with one of their brokers, or any other person selling their binary options trading education. Actual people have not been able to prove they can make a single cent over the long run on binary options. Is there someone here that could step forward and prove it to me?

It really would literally make my year because I cannot find a single person. July edited July Most profitable sportsbetting- poker- or BO-"players" don't share in forums, they earn money. The rest of us is struggling to be profitable. Best Binary Options Brokers. No offense Beckz, people don't make money from actually trading binary options Ok, you seem to know.

Why are you here then and not trying to make money on something else? I'm here on the off chance You can't win the lottery unless buy the ticket. If you know a market, sign up to a trader with risk free trades and try your skills. I don't even know where to begin answering that soooo i'm not going to Why would anyone spend time to try to prove anything to you? This is a forum where we try to help, not wasting peoples time.

Keep it on and you'll be banned. Still on the just looking for proof of even one person making money from binary options there People that make money trading just don't care and so not likely to just looking for proof of even one person making money from binary options. What would be the point they are not selling you anything. Why don't you ask people to post their earnings from their businesses if you get the same result lol But you have fun with that rofl Jamest you are going to be disappointed with this search.

What I have to say is this Seriously, trading is not easy but being profitable is possible. I have made a good money, but now broker does not want to depart with them. Trying to withdraw my money since Dec. Already talked to lawyer, going to sue them. Porter Finance, located in London, UK. They have a virtual office in UK, they may have a holding company in the UK, but if you dig deeper you will find that the owner is a citizen living in Mexico That is even better.

Though owner can live anywhere but company was registered and has address in UK so they are subject to UK law. Hi guys, hey I think Jamest has a legitimate question. I'm not trying to be be an ass here, because I'm looking into becoming a serious trader. In fact I will go ahead and pay for Blue Sky Binary's education so I can know what the hell I'm doing before I actually put any money into the markets. And I really appreciate what you guys do here.

I think what he's asking is maybe a little hard as far as proof goes because like you say, anyone can fake anything. But here is what a lot of successful people CAN'T fake I know a few people who are super successful in their businesses I can SEE their success Now I have no idea just looking for proof of even one person making money from binary options their bank accounts are like, and I don't ask for their financial statements.

They're not living super extravagant lifestyles and I know for a fact that they are NOT in debt. They just work hard. But they aren't "free" like maybe you guys are. But I know their businesses are working for them. On the other hand I do know one guy who is an options trader in the stock market, he actually shows me what he does almost every day. And he's actually doing very well. I have to admit I'm a little jealous, and I've been looking into that arena as well. But the point of all this is that I really don't think it's a bad thing for you guys to say that you're doing well in this I don't know guys or gals In horse racing you are also doing analysis, checking handicaps and e.

And you are still guessing in nutshellthough your guess is based on some knowledge horses or market. Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 1 1 Guest.