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So, if cmp was would the buyer still lose newsletter for option trading in nse demo the premium if yes, who does this remaining loss of rest with. What is the volume impact on Price of say a lot contract trade of Nifty CE if i want to buy at the open and fill the order immediately. Bank Nifty weekly options are already available. In India, like I said, everything is cash settled. If the price becomes zero at expiration then i will sell tomorrow only.

July 31, at 9: August 6, at 8: We will be providing more than option chain related to options in coming months, but these will take more time. January 6, at 1:

Your days has turned into weeks and about to turn into months and then years. So I opted for Zerodha open trade, and I figured out how the futures market works. June 26, at 9: And I want to hold this till expiry. Similarly, if have bought this quantity as an MIS order, at what price will it square off at close — will there be a volume impact on price on this side as well?

Just want to confirm, If I trade a hedge strategy where my maximum loss is predefined, and I want to be in strategy till month end. September 18, at 7: May 28, at 5: July 18, at 9:

May 28, at 5: April 8, at 6: OR Should I sell first and then buy the remaining legs. But, I did not sell it until now, I received your margin statement stating that I have only Rs.

August 17, at 9: Please check before responding. Dear Zerodha team, I cannot see the implied volatility figures for options. August 24, at Now, when such things happens, who is responsible for all the loss occurring to customers?