Option symbols is deprecated and ignored

The latest version 1. And the previously generated pylintrc file had a few deprecated options include-ids and symbols. Recommendations for Komodo Edit: Currently when you look at the Komodo log file in the above situation, it says "error from PyLint" but then just shows Warning messages so it is very unclear that the linting was aborted. Do you have an example of the syntax that was deprecated - thus making it easy for us to reproduce the bug.

As I mentioned above, the previously auto-generated pylintrc file has deprecated options in them - here are the lines that were in the pylintrc file that caused the deprecated warnings:. Thanks - I've just added a tweak to continue when stderr messages are detected: Is there an update released for this? Just upgraded Pylint in the virtualenv for a project actually a dependency did it for me and it's stopped working, complaining that "-i is a deprecated option".

The problem goes away if you remove the deprecated options from your pylintrc file. See my post above Sept 4 about the two options that caused this problem for me. I think I recall that "-i" is a synonym for 'include-ids'. Handwritten code should be changed to call sipFindType to obtain a pointer to the required type structure. Prior to this version, if no valid version tag was specified using the -t command line option to sip then all versions of the corresponding timeline were considered disabled.

Starting with this version SIP assumes that the latest version is enabled if no valid version tag was specified. Exactly what is meant by the latest version can be changed by using the -B command line option to define a backstop for a timeline.

Starting with this version the code is called with the GIL being held and from the thread that raised the error. This must be done if the code changes the execution path e. Starting with this version such an object is not ignored and will be called. If it is not callable then a Python exception will be raised. For example, the following code will now raise an excepton because the Mixin.

The following parts of the C API are now deprecated but still supported. Prior to this version the sipWrapper structure had a member called user which is available for handwritten code to use. From this version user is a member of the sipSimpleWrapper structure.

The following parts of the C API have been removed. In addition the -a command line option to configure. This version allows a Python int object to be passed whenever an enum is expected.

This can mean that two signatures that were different with prior versions are now the same as far as Python is concerned. The Constrained argument annotation can now be applied to an enum argument to revert to the earlier behaviour. Prior to this version SIP did not automatically generate missing complementary comparison operators.