Professional trader forex dubai

Reymount Investment trading software platform - Net Trader is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including many exciting features, not available in most of the other trading platforms. Our trading platform is our clients' gateway to the world's foreign exchangebullion and CFD markets and our solution for the professional trader because in our opinion, it is the most reliable, professional and secures online trading software on the market.

Reymount Net Trader displays live prices direct from the trading floors. All prices that are displayed in the trading window project the current market price that is offered in the market. Each minute movement of the currency price is immediately transmitted to our price signal servers that are connected to the Trading Station. The currency spread rate of 3 to 5 pips is maintained at Reymount. Placing order with Reymount is very easy.

You can place orders via Phone or Online Trading Software. While using the software, clients place orders via our Reymount Net Trader Trading package. All successful orders are given confirmation immediately. So there is no slippage on order placements. Seeking our dealing desk is also more similar to the above operation. You define your quote to our dealer, who in turn places the order if the stated quote is available and gives his confirmation. However if the price is not available, the dealer rejects your order.

To seek the assistance of our dealing department, contact dealing reymount. Reymount also performs stop-loss order placement process. When it is not possible to follow the market, clients usually place stop or limit order entry or exit positions.

If execution is done through our Reymount Net Trader, the system automatically keeps track of your price slab. Until then all stop or limit orders are treated as working orders. If the market reaches the desired price level, the system immediately executes the orders. Thus successfully completed orders are treated as open orders. You can place the stop or limit orders by selecting the appropriate order types. Canceling the orders before the market hits the price is also possible.

All these orders remain active until it is either canceled or the price level is hit. Reymount requests its customers to maintain the degree of margin availability at all times. Depending according to the currency pair chosen for trading, the margin level may vary accordingly. But sometimes, clients may be required to maintain a further balance if need arises. Live margin requirement calculation is performed by Reymount Net Trader.

Reymount allows its clients to set their own margin level. The system keeps track of order details and calculates both the funds needed to maintain current positions and the funds needed for opening new positions. If at any time, should the level of margin drops below the set margin level, Reymount automatically closes down all the open positions held by the client, ensuring that the client does not lose any further.

Frequent margin alerts are also generated by the system, whenever the available margin touches the specified level. Up-to-the-minute Reymount Account Statement can be obtained either upon request or can be generated from our trading software. Customized statements are also available for easy verification. Daily account statements are also forwarded to our clients email address at the end of working hours.

Hard copies of the reports are also delivered to your contact address periodically. You can view all the latest news happening around the globe directly from our site or from our news tool that is embedded in our trading software. This reduces your time consumed in browsing for latest market updates. Just click any topic that interests you and read it. Reymount offers the best analysis forex market report - The Currency Outlook to all its clients for free.

Each day the market is observed by our research team and reports are passed on to our analysis team. The data is then processed by our financial experts.

After proper analysis each team issue their reports which is then unified to structure a full-fledged market report. The currency outlook covers the forex market in specific. Anything pertaining to currencies, commodities, precious metals and equities market can be obtained under this section. To receive your free copy, subscribe in our website. Online Trading Software - Net Trader Reymount Investment trading software platform - Net Trader is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including many exciting features, not available in most of the other trading platforms.

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