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We all know starting off the crypto trading journey is full of new challenges, tradingview btc ideas, and learning foreign tools. After digging around the internet myself for a spell, I only came across sort of passive and fairly uninformative reasons why I should choose Coinigy or Tradingview as my primary charting and trading platform. In almost all cases there would be fans of each going back and forth, almost egotistically without any serious comparison.

End result-- I felt less informed and ended up doing the research myself yay, learning curves! For these reasons, I want to help minimize your time spent researching platforms and informing you guys so that you can make more coins on a platform that fits all of your needs. Then, close it out tradingview btc ideas my opinion. Coinigy claims to be the trading platform that makes it easy with everything you could ever tradingview btc ideas to power your trading experience taken directly from tradingview btc ideas website.

Here's the basic rundown. All of the standard expected charting data is here somewhere on the page. This feature allows you to share the chart with anyone via a direct link. It will include any indicators or markings you have put on the chart. It will include any indicators or markings you have put on the chart only 1 per month with free option. Charting on each platform is relatively and basically the same. They default to a bit of a different color scheme and slight layout variations, but functionality is virtually the tradingview btc ideas.

So, what is it that set these two services tradingview btc ideas from each other? Let's talk about a few things that each has that the other does not. It also offers several in-browser applications that come stock with the Free Trial and membership upgrades such as the arbritage matrix and chart scanner. As well as something similar to a forum where people post charts and other content. Many times people post what trades they're making as they're doing them. Many times these are codes to create specific kinds of indicators that are intended to help you.

It is community lead, which adds to the amount of content available at no extra cost. Although functionality isn't the same tradingview btc ideas the browser version it allows you to chart on the go! Every Coinigy premium plan includes all of the features of the entire platform. The pricing scales based on how tradingview btc ideas months of subscription you buy. So, if you pay more upfront, then your monthly rate goes down. Each pro or premium subscription level offers progressive features as you go up.

To see what each tier offers, please refer to this link from their website: For my cryptocurrency personal trading needs, Coinigy wins as my platform of choice. I really enjoy going on TradingView from time to time to chat and check out what people tradingview btc ideas talking tradingview btc ideas, but the social aspect isn't especially beneficial to me and it's still accessible with a free account. Also, the lack of exchanges on TradingView that Tradingview btc ideas like to trade on means that I'm missing out on money or adding time to my trades.

However, this will not be the case for everyone. Please do your research and figure out if the exchanges you want to trade on are supported by whichever platform you decide is right for you. These are crucial for keeping up with all of the trades that I'm actively a part of, especially when I'm not at my computer.

Also, the apps that Coinigy tradingview btc ideas are very useful for finding trades that I would usually miss. The marketscanner and arbmatrix apps allow for a bot to collect a ton of useful potential trade data without personally having to scan each chart.

Next, I really think there is a great team behind Coinigy and we will constantly see new developments, added integration, features, and exchanges added making it a great investment over the long haul. I hope this post helps you all figure out which platform works for you. I am interested in updating this and hearing your opinions. So, if you come up with some new information or want to tell me about something I overlooked, then please leave a comment!

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If you no longer want to receive notifications, tradingview btc ideas to this comment with tradingview btc ideas word STOP. By upvoting this notification, you can help all Steemit users. That's tradingview btc ideas sound comparison. Cheers, I will resteem. I've been using tradingview btc ideas as well but haven't decided to pay for tradingview btc ideas yet mainly because I can't pay with cryptos to be honest or have I missed that? That's how Tradingview btc ideas always do it myself.

I believe payment is done via Bitpay. If you need any help with the process feel free to reach out to me: Great post, and just the comparison I was looking for. I really want to like coinigy, but my two issues are as follows:. Hey cryypt, I will have to agree tradingview btc ideas you a bit tradingview btc ideas the dated look. Luckily, the devs are constantly improving. They're supposed to be rolling out some new features soonish as well. I really hope that you can figure out how to make the most out of it with your laptop!

Coinigy has helped me make some trades I would've missed without it many times over. Hi - Just one question - from a beginner. As i understand Coinigy has API's to trade with the most common exchanges.

I wonder what you consider the top 3 or 5 Exchanges to have good variety of trading altcoins - including ripple, stellar, iota, cardano Any suggestions - beyond binance and bitfinex? The ones you mentioned are the "mainstream" altcoins now, so binance volume should be plenty. But for rising superstars and faster ROI, check out kucoin and gate.

Kucoin especially has seen much growth in volume and hold interesting bonus raffles for new listings. KuCoin is an up and coming star very similar to Tradingview btc ideas.

All of these have smaller altcoins and the tradingview btc ideas supported. The only real issue with them, is sometimes you don't have the volume being traded on these exchanges at the same levels that you do on the ones you mentioned. However, that usually is a coin by coin basis. Thanks for the article! It definitely helped me sort out which one to buy! I'm going with Coinigy as I don't trade in Forex tradingview btc ideas also like the number of exchanges supported.

I like Coinigy, but i want the stability of a windows app and Binance, i use Binance windows app and i am very happy with it, but would love to use conigy in the same way with the muli-exchange options and stability of a hard app. Tradingview -- What's the best cryptocurrency trading platform? Hey all, one familiar sentiment that pops up after new traders have decided to hop in the market is to figure out the best tradingview btc ideas to sling those coins around to make that money.

TradingView describes itself as a social platform for traders and investors. After your trial period, you will lose access to the entire platform. There is no Free version past the initial tradingview btc ideas day trial. The charts are live, tradingview btc ideas at times there is a delay due to API integration. So, for quick trades Coinigy when seconds matter is not always fast enough.

The latest rumor I've heard is that it should be released sometime during Q4. You can set price alerts, but you cannot create alerts from your drawn indicators. Newsfeed is oversaturated and there isn't many options to curate your feed.

Saving files and charts can be confusing for new users. There is noticeable advertising on the platform even if you're a premium user. If you're with me and want to tradingview btc ideas on Tradingview btc ideas, then do tradingview btc ideas a favor and use my referral link here: Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

You have completed some achievement on Steemit and have been rewarded with new badge s: For more information about SteemitBoard, click here If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP By upvoting this notification, you can help all Steemit users. Hey there supermama, you can absolutely pay with Bitcoin for the Coinigy subscription.

I really want to like coinigy, but my two issues are as follows: Thanks again for the info!! Excellent suggestions, thank you! Update me with where you go! Just what i needed. Def using your link to start my free trial. Please let me know if you find success with the platform.

TradingView is insanely useful in terms of tradingview btc ideas the current market and getting a sense of what might come next. Tradingview btc ideas of the analysts who post on there share quality posts, and quality posts tend to get upvoted. Thus, you will generally see useful quality analyses from at least decent technical analysts float to the top.

Further, for anything that one poster lacks, other posters and commenters make up for by offering counterpoints. A daily reading of TradingView serves a few purposes:. If you want to try your hand at marking up charts, TradingView.

If you have something shareable, then you can share it too! No one can see the future, analysts and indicators speak only to probabilities and possible worlds based on historic price and volume trends. TradingView has a few different layers, all of which can be found in the navigation at the top of the page. The ones that float to the top are generally good.

If you find it helpful, hit the like button or comment on it. Make sure to pay attention to a range of posters, even the best analysts are wrong a portion of the time.

This can help you see how and if the crypto market is correlating with other markets. Or if you trade other assets, how that market is doing at a glance.

If you want to keep it simple, you can just look at charts that with scripts that other people share just like the Ideas section or you can insert the ready-made scripts into your charts this is tradingview btc ideas most reasonable move honestly; so many scripts have been made, and you can add in indicators in a dropdown tradingview btc ideas charts to add tradingview btc ideas a pre-built script with a click of a button, only those tradingview btc ideas know a bit of code and a lot of TA would be making custom scripts.

You can click on that link and go through their helpful Tradingview btc ideas Chart Wizard or you can learn more by checking out their Wiki. I strongly suggest creating a free TradingView account. Its more useful to look at a crypto chart with those than it is to just look at the line graphs on CoinMarketCap or the prices in Coinbase. Use the search bars at the top of the page to search for a crypto or other asset by its ticker symbol or proper name.

For example, you can see this search for Bitcoin on TradingView. You can also upgrade to pro accounts which allow you to store more charts and use more indicators and such.

A daily reading of TradingView serves a few purposes: In general traders who understand the trends preform better, you may not have the skills to do an analysis yourself, but you can at least read posts from those that do! It teaches you about Technical Analysis. Terms like this get used often and to great effect on TradingView. It can clue you in tradingview btc ideas what coins have attractive or unattractive patterns forming on their charts.

That is the gist, feel free to ask question below. What do you think?