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Monday is Labor Day in the U. Though to many it is a last long weekend for recreation and shopping before the symbolic end of summer, the federal holiday, officially established incelebrates the contributions of labor. She is the author of American Hookupa book about college sexual culture, and a textbook about gender. You can follow her on TwitterFacebookand Instagram. Psychologically, marketers know that this works. It now says to us not just 9but also You are getting a deal.

In both cases, putting two 9s at the end makes us feel like smart shoppers. They simply state the round number price. The whole point of buying a luxury item is to spend a lot of money because you have the money to spend. Thompson uses the example of lobster at a high-end restaurant. Consider as an example this price tag for a flat screen television. Suddenly on sale and a whole lot of 9s:. And women generally agree. At the age of five, most girls and boys think that their own sex is the smartest, a finding consistent with the idea that people tend to think more highly of winning strategy binary options lion binary pro with candlestick chart free bonus camapaign like themselves.

Around age six, though, right when gender stereotypes tend to take hold among children, girls start reporting that they think boys are smarterwhile boys continue to favor themselves and their male peers. They may have learned this from their parents.

Both mothers and fathers tend to think that their sons are smarter than their daughters. Once in college, the trend continues. To put a number on it, male students with a 3. When young scholars winning strategy binary options lion binary pro with candlestick chart free bonus camapaign professional, the bias persists.

Once in a field, if brilliance can be attributed to a man instead of a woman, it often will be. Male authors are given credit in all cases. Overall, and across countriesmen rate themselves as higher in analytical intelligence than women, and often women agree.

Women are often rated as more verbally and emotionally intelligent, but the analytical types of intelligence such as mathematical and spatial are more strongly valued. Hypothetical figures presented as intelligent are judged as more masculine than less intelligent ones. The same internalized sexism may lead young women to avoid academic disciplines that are believed to require raw intelligence.

And, over the life course, women may be less likely than men to take advantage of career opportunities that they believe demand analytical thinking. The whiteness of these images — the fact that, unless they are silhouettes or sketches, the individuals pictured have light skin associated with white people — often goes unnoticed.

For our purposes, I would like us to notice:. By presenting whites as the quintessential humans who possess the bodies and behaviors taken to be deeply meaningful human traits, whites justified, and continue to justify, white supremacy.

This is what white privilege looks lik: She has literally changed the face of the dance. And he liked his ballerinas wispy: The rumor is partly true. An advisory board has authorized the BLM to do so; they have yet to make a decision as to whether they will.

Even the possibility of such a widespread cull, though, has understandably sparked outrage. Mustangs are powerful symbols of the American West. Some inevitably escaped over time and formed herds of feral horses.

Over time, they became inextricably entwined with perceptions of the West as still wild and free, not yet fully domesticated. The image of a herd of beautiful horses against a gorgeous but austere Western landscape is a striking one, perhaps something like this:. Wild horses fall under the purview of the BLM because most live on public range particularly in Nevada, California, and Idaho, as well as Washington, Wyoming, and other Western states. So wild horse herds can grow fairly rapidly.

The agency is tasked with balancing various uses of federal landsincluding everything from resource extraction such as mining and loggingrecreational uses for the winning strategy binary options lion binary pro with candlestick chart free bonus camapaign, grazing range for cattle ranchers, wildlife habitat conservation, preservation of archaeological and historical sites, providing water for irrigation as well as residential use, and many, many more. And many of these uses conflict to some degree.

Setting priorities among various potential uses of BLM land has, over time, become a very contentious process, as different groups battle, often through the courts, to have winning strategy binary options lion binary pro with candlestick chart free bonus camapaign preferred use of BLM land prioritized over others. They decide on the carrying capacity of rangeland — that is, how many wild horses it can sustainably handle — by taking into account competing uses, like how many cattle will be allowed on the same land, its use as wildlife habitat, possible logging or mining activities, and so on.

And much of the time the BLM concludes that, given their balance of intended uses, there are too many horses. For many years, the BLM simply allowed them to be killed; private citizens had a more or less free pass to kill them. Starting in the late s, the BLM began to get negative press, and a movement to protect wild horses emerged. One such method is making such horses and burros available to the general public for adoption.

The BLM holds periodic adoption events. For instance, in9, wild horses were removed from public lands, while 2, were adopted. Today there are 46, wild horses penned up on private lands, fed by feed trucks. Holding wild horses has become a business.

Federal payments for the wild horse and burro maintenance program are public information. Overall, two-thirds of the BLM budget for managing wild horses goes to paying for holding animals that have been removed from public lands, either in short-term situations before adoptions or in long-term contracts like the ones winning strategy binary options lion binary pro with candlestick chart free bonus camapaign Oklahoma.

This is very lucrative. And, if a horse dies, the BLM just gives the rancher a new one. So almost all small and mid-size operations are shut out of the contracts. This has led to an inflow of federal money to operations that were already quite prosperous by local standards.

These landowners then have a significant advantage when it comes to trying to buy or lease pastures that become available in the area; other ranchers have almost no chance of competing with the price they can pay. The result is more concentration of land ownership as small and medium-sized ranchers, or those hoping to start up a ranch from scratch, are priced out of the market.

This is why the BLM is considering a cull. Revised and updated; originally posted in Originally posted at Race, Politics, Justice. A few days after Donald Trump won the electoral votes for president, some people started suggesting that pro-immigrant people in the US wear safety pins in emulation of the movement in Britain after Brexit to signal support for immigrants.

I bought one and will put it in my yard. There are some non-Muslim women who have taken to winning strategy binary options lion binary pro with candlestick chart free bonus camapaign scarves as a symbol of solidarity with Muslims one story circulating talks about attacks on a non-Muslim woman who was wearing a scarf due to hair loss from cancer treatmentan action that has received so far as I know little endorsement from Muslims and some responses that say that this subtracts from the religious symbolism of wearing hijab.

In the s, Madison had a flurry of protests and counter-protests in which out-of-town anti-gay protesters were picketing pro-gay churches. I recall having both in my yard in the same winter. Symbols are symbols, and displaying a symbol is not the same thing as showing up for a protest or taking other active steps to pursue social policies you believe in.

Wearing or displaying some sort of symbol of support for a minority is not the same thing as being a minority, nor will the symbol necessarily be interpreted by winning strategy binary options lion binary pro with candlestick chart free bonus camapaign in the way it is meant.

This does not make symbols meaningless. They are visible symbols of adherence to some cause or belief system and, as such, open the wearer to reactions from others. But, as symbols, they are subject to multiple interpretations and their meaning varies with context. If you display or wear a symbol that you are sure others around you will approve of, you have little to lose from the symbol and something to gain.

Signaling support for a cause the majority supports signals your affiliation with the majority. Supporting a beleaguered minority in a context where the majority is at least tolerant is also a low-cost gesture. When I displayed pro-gay ribbons and yard signs, I had no expectation of negative reaction, and I doubt any other straight person in Madison did either.

But that does not mean it was meaningless. Gays and lesbians I knew personally were feeling attacked and the visible support was meaningful to them. The signs and ribbons were passed out at church by people I knew. In that context, I could either display the symbol or not display it but, either way, my action would be interpreted as having meaning.

When confronted with the question, I could either put up a sign or not put up a sign, but either choice carried meaning. I know of at least some instances in the s in which gay and lesbian people stated that the signs made them feel supported and better about living in Madison.

The same yard signs and ribbons or safety pins in some areas would not be safe gestures but would open up a person to verbal or physical assaults, or worse. Displaying pro-gay symbols in areas dominated by conservative Christians in the s could lead to hostile interactions. Even displaying the wrong sports team colors can get you hurt in some contexts.

Displaying a symbol where you know you are an opinion minority, and especially where it opens you to attack, is a very winning strategy binary options lion binary pro with candlestick chart free bonus camapaign gesture than where it is safe. In these contexts, it is an act of dissent. It is especially meaningful to dissent visibly in contexts where a dangerous segment of the majority feels empowered to commit violence against minorities.

Conversely, yard signs and other symbols are sometimes used by majorities to coerce compliance or intimidate minorities. Pro-police, pro-KKK, anti-gay, anti-immigrant symbols and yard signs signal to minorities that they are not safe in the area. When you know that you are in an area where your views are contested, your visible symbol chooses sides. Another dimension is the clarity or ambiguity of a symbol.

This also is contextual. In the US today, it is not quite clear what a safety pin is supposed to signal. Does it merely signal opposition to violent attacks on minorities, or does it also signal opposition to deportations and registries? Does a safety pin also mean the wearer supports Black Lives Matter?

Which tech companies were funded in Kenya in ? Clean burning, portable wood and charcoal powered cookstoves Jooist — A gaming network for mobile phones Globa. M-Ledger by Safaricom — Monitor your Mpesa transactions Wezatele — Mobility solutions in commerce, supply chain, distribution and mobile payment integration. Catching up on a few updates at once here, you can read about Day 2 of our trip here. The last two days have been a blur as we covered over 1, kilometers from Dodoma to Lusaka in what can only be considered as marathon sessions from sunup to just after sundown.

The border crossing from Tanzania into Zambia at Dunduma left a little something to be desired. What felt like it should have taken about 1. From here, our days get a little more sane, with a run down through Victoria Falls into Botswana and then finally Johannesburg. We outfitted the truck with a omni-directional Poynting antenna on the front bumper, hooked up into the car, where we can also connect it to an amplifier if needed. First, we need a terminal screen in the BRCK interface for us to do all of this from the device itself.

Look for more posts on the BRCK blog from the others as well. Has good information on overall usage globally, and trends. However, there is a really fascinating chart by Ericsson in it on wireless usage. Mostly useful due to the interest large corporates and banks put in McKinsey, this report makes that the greatest impact of the internet in Africa is likely to be concentrated in six sectors: Nairobi tech community working at the iHub, circa The tech hubs in Africa are more than just places focused on products, much of what goes on is about connecting the people within the tech community in that area to each other and to the greater global industry.

For instance, we started Pivot in East Africa, an annual event that does two things: First, it created a culture where the entrepreneurs learned how to pitch their products. Both funding and media coverage have resulted. Another example is the connecting of global tech companies to local developers, the training that comes out of it for everyone from network operators to Android devs.

Google, Samsung and Intel all play strongly in that space. Some work at increasing the viability and skillsets of freelancers. Those are just a few of the things that tech hubs do across Africa.

I can speak for the iHub in Kenya, but know that there are others such as ccHub in Nigeria, Banta Labs in Senegal, ActivSpaces in Cameroon and the other 19 tech hubs in the Afrilabs network are all doing amazing things that create a base for new innovative products, services and models to grow out of.

There are new models for ecosystem development around tech in Africa revolving around these technology hubs that are, and will breed, more innovation over time. Not all groups start their company at the iHub, but they do meet their future business partners there. Mobile Technology in Tanzania: Using online and mobile technology: Understanding the Factors that make up Hive Colab in Uganda: May ICT Hubs model: April ICT Hubs model: The Westgate siege is now overso the President tells us, though there will be a lot of cleanup and forensics to do.

Three days of national mourning start tomorrow. The full Ushahidi team met yesterday many virtually, of courseand we talked about many issues surrounding the Westgate siege. Not least amongst them was the fact that we had a hard time checking in with each other. They eventually got out a few hours later, to which we were relieved.

In an emergency, how do you find out quickly whether your family, your team, your friends are safe? There was a consistent problem in every disaster that happens, not just in Kenya, but everywhere. Small groups, families and companies need to quickly check in with each other. It has to be something incredibly simple, that requires little thinking to use.

Our goal is to have this available for anyone globally to use. Yesterday we quickly wireframed out a list of needs, some design basics, and an architecture plan images abovegot a rough product going on it code is on Github. We now need to make it look better, so some designers are working up some stuff to make it work well on both phones and computers. What we have here is a minimum viable product MVP right now, open source, so anyone can make it better by branching the code and adding in features, etc.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to the people who have been burning the midnight oil to make this all happen in 24 hours:. Download and save this one for later, it has all the information that you need. Safaricom also raises charges to counter this. Kenya Mobile Statistics Population: Tanzania Mobile Statistics Population: Uganda Mobile Statistics Population: Rwanda Mobile Statistics Population: Burundi Mobile Statistics Population: See the old ones from in UgandaKenya and Tanzania.

You can also see the some numbers on the iHub that they put together as well. This is my daughter at Lake Naivasha at sunrise. Enough people have asked me about how I Instagram that I thought it might be worth creating a post on it. I take a lot of pictures as I travel as it gives me something to do along the way, so there are a lot of pictures in my stream from all over the world. However, sometimes I mod it with the following items.

These are the hardware mods that I use for iPhone Instagramming: Here are 3 examples of it. This is my most basic quick-edit app, since I can do multiple shots quickly and it does a good job with clarity and quick filters. I tend to tone down most of the filter choices. When I really want to edit an image, a special one that needs a lot of extra attention to detail, I use Snapseed. A lot of good in-app controls.

My favorite picture from last year was taken with it:. A tree in a park in Camden, Maine during the Fall. If you like to put text over your images, there is no better iPhone app for it than Over. Many awards and also made by my friend AaronMarshall. Boats near the harbor in Camden, Maine. Making sun tea in Diani, Kenya coast.

A quiet pool and shady trees in rural England. Mark and Tosh relaxing on Diani Beach, Kenya. The iHub team at Diani Beach, Kenya. Satellite, the only way to get internet at a ranch near Tsavo, Kenya.

Emmanuel doing a summersault off a dhow near Lamu, Kenya. Olloclip macro lens on a burning candle. Jumpshot at Strathmore high school, Kenya.

In Septemberwe started a Kenya project for anyone in Kenya to take a picture a day and tag it with that hashtag. The amazing Truthslinger runs it, and we have weekly themes that he sets up. Take a look to see some great shots from around Kenya, and join in.

The only rule is that you can only tag one picture per day with Kenya on it. Back in when the iHub first opened, we had some of their staff who were in Kenya working out of the iHub and using the space for different meetings.

The main office for the GSMA is in London, and their times in Nairobi coincided with their internal strategy discussions on opening up offices in each continent. This is great news for all parties, as it brings the large mobiel operators into closer connection with the startups and tech innovators found in the building already, and it allows the tech companies to better connect to the association that bridges the big mobile players.

Mobile connections in Sub-Saharan Africa increased by 20 per cent to million in and are expected to increase by an additional 50 per cent by With necessary spectrum allocations and transparent regulation, the mobile industry could also fuel the creation of You can read the full press release here.

No organization is in a better position than the GSMA to get data on mobiles globally. To put that in perspective, see the chart and comments below:. The mobile industry, if you go by this GSMA report, are all about personal security and privacy. Send me any that I might have missed. Parking lot mechanics in Dodoma, Tanzania.

Mark, Juliana and Joel setting up the GoPro. A dawn stop on the way out of Dodoma to Iringa, Tanzania. Grabbing lunch somewhere in southern Tanzania. The mobile phone kiosk, a mainstay of rural Africa. Mobile data vs voice growth globally — This lead us to then think through our skills and tools, and where we could be useful.

The Ping App — a group check-in tool for emergencies.